House rules

Below you will find our house rules. We ask you to read, respect and observe these rules.

General rules

  • In case of fire, remain calm and notify us immediately and / or strike the nearest fire alarm. Never use the elevators in case of fire. Fire instructions are available for inspection at the reception.
  • A first aid kit is available at reception and first aid can be provided.
  • There are cameras at various places in our hotel. Everyone who visits our hotel agrees to make recordings. In case of calamities, these recordings can be shown to third parties as supporting material.
  • Lost property must be handed in at the reception.
  • We do not serve alcoholic drinks to persons under the age of 18. If you still have to participate in traffic, drink in moderation. We are happy to call a taxi for you.
  • If you have complaints of any kind, you can report them to our management. We ask you to report complaints to the reception immediately after they arise so that we can resolve them in a timely manner.

It is prohibited to:

  • To take our belongings outside the building; this also includes leftovers from food and drinks. You are liable for the repair and / or renewal costs in the event of damage to our properties.
  • To trade goods in or around the hotel and / or to be guilty of being stolen.
  • To smoke in the room or the balcony. We are a non-smoking hotel. If we are fined by the government for a guest who does not smoke in a smoking area, we will report this to the relevant smoker.
  • To consume, use, trade or carry narcotics.
  • Be in possession of or use weapons.
  • To engage in sexual harassment.