About us

The five pillars of Gooiland. 

Nieuwe Bouwen

Gooiland was built in 1936, after a design by the famous Dutch architect Jan Duiker, representative of the Nieuwe Bouwen. Lots of light, lots of windows, a steel tube construction, round shapes and natural materials characterize our spaces.

Dutch Brands

We use homegrown products as much as possible. Why? Many Dutch brands originated in the period that Gooiland was built.

Garden Of Amsterdam

At the beginning of the last century, many young, urban families settled in the green Gooi, the so-called 'garden of Amsterdam'. To provide them with some urban entertainment, Gooiland entertainment facility was built. Het Groene Gooi lives on in our location.


Hilversum Mediastad

Gooiland was built when media in Hilversum got off the ground. Several programs are therefore included here. Towers of old televisions and radios adorn our location and our spaces are named after media personalities.

Piet Mondriaan

Piet Mondriaan's painting "Composition with two lines" was owned by the municipality of Hilversum and was sold in 1987 to renovate Gooiland. As a tribute you can see the black lines from the painting throughout our location.