Gooiland is a national monument that dates back to 1936. It is always a challenge to reduce energy use, and we have proudly taken on this challenge. With great success! We have made big steps when it comes to sustainability and we are now the leading innovator for monumental buildings.

Green key gold
Sustainability is needed if you want to ensure the future for the next generations. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no longer just a trend. We at Gooiland are also busy preserving our environment and surrounding nature on a daily basis. After months of sustainability initiatives, we were finally award a Green Key Gold.

Breakfast & Cleaning agents

  • We only use cleaning agents, detergents and soap that have environmental certification.
  • Our fruit and milk is organic as standard
  • There is a glass in every room which you can fill with water from the tap, this way, you can help us reduce the amount of plastic in the world

Waste & Recycling

  • We use mono-packaging as little as possible
  • The mono-packaging that we do use is environmentally certified
  • We separate all waste in our kitchens
  • Our tableware is made of 70% sugar cane and 30% FSC wood pulp
  • The Nespresso cups are recycled and super trendy bicycles are made from them
  • This is one way to recycle waste and our guests are introduced to using biodegradable plates

Water & Electricity

  • All over our building, our toilets feature waterless urinals. This saves 187 m3 of water per urinal annually
  • All water taps have been replaced by water-saving taps
  • 95% of the heating in Gooiland is generated via heat pumps
  • At this moment, we are replacing as many lights as possible with LED lights
  • All of the rooms have an energy-efficiency rating for the lighting

CO2 emissions 

  • We are always looking for partners in sustainability in the region
  • We bundle our orders to minimize shipping costs
  • We expect all our partners to also be actively committed to sustainability
  • We recommend that all our guests take public transport when they come to stay with us 

Greenery & Plants
In conjunction with the municipality, we have fostered endemic planting and apply ecological land management methods. Our location is just bursting with greenery. All rooms have plants, we have real, living, growing green walls and real, live trees growing everywhere.

Perspective for the future
We are doing all we can for sustainability, but in the future, this will only need to be expanded. If you have any sustainable tips or tricks you would like to share, please contact us! We are always open to new ideas.