Hotel Gooiland

Grand Hotel Gooiland (1936) is household word in Hilversum. Gooiland has been the bustling heart of our city for decades, progressive and modern. Architect Jan Duiker was commissioned to design the building by a rich family from Amsterdam named Buurke. The family established themselves in the village at the turn of the previous century, together with other elitist families, but they missed the entertainment of city life. A novelty like a hotel with a bar and theatre had to change that. Duiker, a representative of modern architecture along with Dudok - the other famous Hilversum architect - designed a modern complex unprecedented at the time. Clean and businesslike, without unnecessary ornaments, the design was still luxurious. The many steel window frames and large windows created lots of light and air, making the atmosphere sophisticated, cosmopolitan and welcoming. Gooiland became the place to be: a location with grandeur.

But let’s be honest. People have been whispering the words ‘faded glory’ in recent years. However, Philip Lamers (born in 1989) believes in the place. The young Gooiland manager hired the services of Paulus Emden Huitema & Ellen Honig, of Identity Matching Academy. Together they went in search of the genius loci, the spirit of this location, because that would hold the key to renewed success. They found it in a combination of uber-Dutch brands, cool glamour and a tongue-in-cheek reference to the heyday of radio. The idea was not to replicate the past, but to find inspiration in history and give it a trendy twist, creating a fearless location, confident and dynamic.

Like it was in 1936, Grand Hotel Gooiland is again the place to be in 2017.