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Gooiland Hotel (1936) is a landmark in Hilversum. For decades now, Gooiland has been the heart beat of the city. Progressive and contemporary. The building was designed by architect Jan Duiker on commission by the Buurke family. They, together with the town’s other elite families who settled here last century, found that the Gooi needed more allure. They wanted a nightlife venue with a theatre, hotel and a bar.

Jan Duiker, the premier architect of the New Building movement, agreed to design a modern complex which was unheard of at that time. Sleek and economically designed, without any extra frills, but still stylish. Highlighted by steel frames and massive bay windows. Much light and space create a feeling of warm hospitality. The ambiance is distinguished and cosmopolitan. Gooiland has grown to become one of those places you simply have to see. The building is absolutely grandious.

In 1989, Gooiland was added to the Dutch National Monuments list as a young monument. In addition to the exterior, also elements of the interior are protected as monuments. The copper lamps, the staircase and the floor tiles in the hotel lobby are all authentic details.

Gooiland is the first Dutch brand hotel in the Netherlands. It features 56 rooms all designed in the style of architect Jan Duiker. Please read more about the five design features which make Gooiland so unique.