Flex room package

Treat yourself to a productive day (or part of the day) "working from home" in one of our luxurious hotel rooms. No problems with background noise during an important video call, a clear boundary between work and private life and meeting a number of deadlines in peace. Sounds good right? We provide super-fast WiFi, coffee (Nespresso) and tea in your room. In between, you can get some fresh air on the spacious balcony.

The flex work arrangement consists of:

✓ Full day (45 euros) or half day (32.50 euros) flexible working in a luxury hotel room

✓ Unlimited coffee, tea and water


You book the flexible working arrangement by contacting us by telephone on 035 - 744 0115 or by emailing info@gooiland.nl. We look forward to seeing you!

* 1 person per flex room allowed.

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