Hotel Gooiland as the green heart of Hilversum may sound strange. But step into our lobby and you’ll see what we mean: one wall is covered in greenery from top to bottom. Our region is called ‘the Castle and Gardens of Amsterdam’ and we’re happy to comply. We can’t turn Gooiland into a castle, but green is our thing alright. The place is not a jungle, there are no creepy crawlies, it’s just a serious attempt at adding some nature. Entering green places makes you feel calm and happy. Did you know it’s easier to think sharp when you’re surrounded by greenery? And it’s healing too. The bathtubs in our suites are surrounded by a wall of green. Languish in the soothing water and stare at the lush vegetation… We can’t make it more relaxed than that. And oh, there are real plants in all the rooms, just like at home. Quite cosy. Later on when our huge roof terrace is green too, it will be THE place to meet in the Gooi area.